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Mar 27, 2021

City Manager of Sanibel, Florida

Interview starts at 19:29 and ends at 58:23

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Amazon Halo Band

“Bose announces Sleepbuds II” by Chris Welch at The Verge - September 22, 2020

Amazon hiring spree during pandemic by Nick Wingfield at The Information - March 18, 2021

“Amazon picks Twitter fight with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren amid union campaign” by Irina Ivanova at CBS News - March 26, 2021

Judith A. Zimomra, Sanibel City Manager

City of Sanibel website

Southern Living’s selections for “The South’s Best Beach Towns 2021” - March 9, 2021

Judie’s camera equipment includes a Nikon D3400 body and Tamron zoom lens

Judie’s Facebook photos including this one of an Ibis in flight

Email from Tom on Kindle software updates:

Recent Kindles and Kindle for iOS have had the re-designed ‘Aa settings’ (with Themes and reading settings) for some time now, but Fire’s Kindle app and Kindle for Android have lagged behind. The latest update gives these the same look and feel. 

Also it seems the ‘Simplified Home Screen’ feature on Fire tablets is available for 4th generation and later Fire tablets (Running FireOS 5). It’s pretty impressive that 7 year old tablets are still getting updates (including Kindle app updates, Series grouping, etc.). 

The Fire and Android Kindle apps are very close cousins. The current versions are 14.40.100 and 8.40.100, respectively (note the identical ‘40.100’ version suffix). They are feature-identical, except that the Fire app has text-to-speech.

But there are still a few feature differences between Kindle for Fire/Android and Kindle for iOS: 

  1. On Fire/Android you can sort collection items by Recent, Title, or Author, as you can on Kindles. Collection item sorting options are not available in the iOS app. (However, on both you can rearrange the order by dragging items to where you want them).
  2. Operating on items in Library is different: on Fire/Android it defaults to multiple selection, and you have to bring the action menu, while on iOS, it brings up action menu directly when you select (long press) an item and to select more items you choose Select Multiple Items from the menu. Also, on iOS, if you have items in List view, drag left reveals Archive option (delete download. This is not available on Fire/Android. Here iOS has the edge: it takes fewer gestures to remove a download, for example.
  3. No Word Runner (I would actually use this some)
  4. No Word Wise 

 It’s mostly 1 & 2 that are a little annoying if you are switching platforms at all. People probably are not clamoring for 3 & 4, and most probably don’t know 3 and 4 exist.

Morning Journal flash briefing for Alexa

If you’d like brief daily updates on technology, books, marriage, and puppies, you can follow along with my Morning Journal flash briefing. From your Echo device, just say, “Alexa, enable Morning Journal.” Then each morning say, “Alexa, what’s my flash briefing?” I post a five-minute audio journal each day except Sunday, usually by 8:00 am Eastern Time. 

The Kindle Chronicles is now available at Audible Podcasts. The only thing missing are ratings! If you have time, please consider leaving one in order to help others learn about the show. 

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