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NEWS FLASH: The Yorkie Claire Selects a Winner in the TKC Kindle Fire Sweepstakes!

Jan 30, 2013

In this video, you will find out which of the 23 entrants in the Kindle Fire Sweepstakes is our winner. With encouragement from Darlene, our Yorkie Claire actually selected the winning entry from my Harvard cap. The decision of the canine judge is final! If you can't watch the video and want to know right [...]

Kindles Aweigh! Prepping a shipment headed for USS Germantown

Jan 30, 2013

This morning I am doing final preparation on 32 donated Kindle Keyboards for shipment to Marines aboard the USS Germantown. If I've done my Googling correctly, that's a photo of the ship above. It gives me a personal thrill to be sending our first E-Books for Troops Kindles to a ship, because my father served [...]

Next Week’s Interview Takes Us on a Deep Dive Into Fear, with Amazing Benefits

Jan 29, 2013

I have interviewed scores of authors about their books for the Kindle Chronicles podcast, but I can't remember a book that has excited me as much as the one that you will hear about on next week's show, TKC 236. The author is Jaimal Yogis, and his new book is The Fear Project: What Our Most [...]

Jan 26, 2013

  Vice President / Principal Analyst at Forrester Research and author of the forthcoming Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation  Interview Starts at 11:46 Trying to sue your way through into the future has not worked so far, and I think that's what the book publishers learned. They could very easily...

Stephen King’s New Kindle Single on Guns: More of an Original Mind Trip Than a Rant

Jan 25, 2013

I finished Stephen King's Kindle Single, Guns, over lunch. It's a highly original take on the debate over gun control, so I don't think it was fair of me to dismiss it in the previous post as a "rant." Some of the writing is excessively voiced, in my opinion, but the case he makes rests on [...]