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Dec 31, 2016

My Wife Darlene, Claire and a new quilt 

Interview ‪starts at 12:28 and ends at44:58

"What’s great about Audible is you still get to hear a story. You’re not reading it, but you’re still getting a story. And for me sometimes when I get stuck on stuff in my studio, it’s just keeping me in the room long enough...

Dec 24, 2016

Author of The Untold Story of the Talking Book

Interview ‪starts at 12:44 and ends at 32:05

“There’s often a false division between audiobook listeners and print book readers, because in my experience the two are almost always the same. They’re people like me who just love reading and want to do as much of it as...

Dec 16, 2016

Author of the Making Book blog 

Interview ‪starts at 14:03 and ends at 44:31

"The idea that Barnes & Noble can make it by sort of becoming a small specialist, cozy bookstore is kind of delusional. It’s a big organization!"


Amazon Prime Air

Jeff Bezos’s tweet announcing first Prime Air delivery - December 14,...

Dec 10, 2016

Senior Pastor of New Covenant Church, Indianapolis

Interview ‪starts at 7:20 and ends at 33:36

I think it’s a matter of accepting the change that God has provided with these tools, learning how to use the tools. For example, we could try to tell people, “Well, don’t go to the movies.” Well, they’re going to...

Dec 3, 2016

Head of Cynthia Manson Literary Agency

Interview ‪starts at 14:30 and ends at 41:06

"The trick is that if you have an author that is struggling to find that audience, to find that readership--Alan [Russell] is a perfect example, because he always got wonderful reviews, is a fantastic writer, still has a great...