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Dec 10, 2016

Senior Pastor of New Covenant Church, Indianapolis

Interview ‪starts at 7:20 and ends at 33:36

I think it’s a matter of accepting the change that God has provided with these tools, learning how to use the tools. For example, we could try to tell people, “Well, don’t go to the movies.” Well, they’re going to the movies. Teach them how to go to movies. With social media and all the rest, I believe we need to just focus on making it useful, making it fruitful, trying to remove distraction. In other words, let’s not throw it out because some people abuse it. Let’s be disciplined with it. Let’s have purpose for it. Let’s use it in a way that is productive. So I believe that rather than complain about it, let’s harness it like one may harness a wild horse. Break the horse, you know? Learn to ride it! Let’s ride this, and let’s make the best use of it.


AmazonGo introduction video - December 5, 2016

A look back - Amazon Unveils Futuristic Plan: Delivery by Drone at CBS - December 1, 2013

“Can You Buy a Grain of Salt at Amazon Go?” by Ryan Mac at Forbes - December 5, 2016

“Amazon Working on Several Grocery-Store Formats, Could Open More than 2,000 Locations” by Laura Stevens and Khadeeja Safdar at The Wall Street Journal (paywall)- December 5, 20126

“Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ Technology Isn’t Revolutionary” (video) - James Corden on the Late Late Show December 7, 2016

“From Fire House to School Halls, Mark Bezos Advocates Volunteering” by Ryan Deffenbaugh at WAG Magazine - December 1, 2016

Mark Bezos’s TED talk - March 2011


Interview with Pastor Bryan Hudson

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New Covenant Church’s 2016 Kenya Mission video

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Audible offers Invisible Man free till December 31 - a message from Audible founder Don Katz


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