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Jul 14, 2018

Author of Somebody’s Daughter

Interview starts at 17:04 and ends at 43:26

“I think there’s nothing more terrifying than the realization that someone you thought you knew--whether it’s your spouse, your parent, your sibling, someone you thought you knew really well, someone in your family--has been keeping some...

Under Construction

Jul 9, 2018

If you are a regular listener to The Kindle Chronicles, you may have noticed a change in the show notes page. Preston Edmands from Flyte New Media has been helping me transport my page from WordPress to Libsyn, which will save me time each week when I post the show.

Meanwhile, there have been some bumps in the road....

Jul 7, 2018


Founder & Chief Trailblazer of Retirepreneur

Interview starts at 16:01 and ends at 40:10

“I went deep into Kindle and the electronic piece, and then I began pulling back some. I would tell you right now I am right down the middle. I’m a hybrid.”


Amazon’s Prime Day starts July 16th at 3 pm ET

“How to...

Jun 30, 2018

Author of the Deadly Edits and Liss MacCrimmon Mysteries

Interview starts at 16:16 and ends at 44:12

“What I try to do is after I get up and have my coffee and my toast, is to come into my office and sit down and write at least one scene, the next scene in the story. I do that usually seven days a week.”

Tech Tip


Jun 23, 2018

Seattle Music and Arts Pioneer

Interview starts at 9:38 and ends at 44:45

“There it was, the [Seattle] head tax. ‘We’re going to do it, this is what we’re going to do. It’s going to address homelessness. We’ll collect the money--we don’t know how we’re going to spend it yet, but we’re going to...