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Jun 9, 2018

Author of “The List” in Amazon’s The Real Thing Collection

Interview starts at 13:23 and ends at 39:21

“I think we look at the Big Five publishers as being kind of set in their ways and really traditional, but I actually think that everyone is looking to try new things. I think everyone is realizing that just putting out a hardcover in the exact same way isn’t going to always work in a way that they would hope. It’s more that I’m just excited about different ways of approaching storytelling.” (Photo credit: Teresa Flowers)


Echo Look ($199.99) is now available to all U.S. customers (press release) - June 6, 2018

“Want to Read Michael Lewis’s Next Work? You’ll Be Able to Listen to It First” by Alexandra Alter at The New York Times - June 2, 2018

Amazon Fire TV Cube

“Amazon’s Fire TV Cube is an Echo, streamking box, and universal remote in one” by Chris Welch at The Verge - June 7, 2018

Interview with Jade Chang

“The List” by Jade Chang in the Amazon Original Stories collection, The Real Thing

The Wangs Vs. the World by Jade Chang

“The Deceptively Simple Work of an Artist Who Hallucinated as a Child” by Tasos Gaintatzis and Marina Legaki at The Hundreds - December 19, 2014

“Love and Estrogen” by Samantha Allen in The Real Thing collection


“What Books are Highlighted the Most Densely?” By Daniel Doyon at Readwise - May 10, 2018

Next Week’s Guest

Bradley Metrock, CEO of Score Publishing, which is the new owner of Digital Book World, scheduled for October 2nd through 4th in Nashville, Tennessee.

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