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Oct 1, 2016

Senior Writer and Features Editor at Publishers Weekly

Interview ‪starts at 12:44 and ends at 32:05

"The fact that we have rapidly declining eBook sales from major publishers and that we see for two years running now in the Pew surveys that eBook readership is not growing is stunning, considering the vast offerings that are now available in digital format. I just hope that the publishers haven’t, if not killed then wounded their golden reader, which is a reader that will read on any device, and certainly the data show they will read print and eBooks, toggle from one to the other. They’ll buy more books, they’ll check out more books. I think as reading becomes more pressured by other media, to hold back your power readers like that can’t be considered a wise strategy any more." 


Amazon introduces all-new Fire TV Stick (press release) - September 28, 2016

“Amazon’s Fire TV Stick gets a smart upgrade to work with Alexa” by Amelia Heathman at Wired - September 29, 2016

All-new Fire TV stick at

Fire TV

Variety review of Woody Allen’s Amazon comedy “Crisis in Six Scenes” - September 29, 2016.

“Crisis in Six Scenes” at Amazon Prime instant video

“Introducing the Alexa Prize” (press release) September 29, 2016

Twitch Prime Guide

 Tech Tip

All-new Fire HD 8

Interview with Andrew Richard Albanese

“Print or Digital, It’s Reading That Matters” by Andrew Richard Albanese at Publishers Weekly - September 16, 2016

“Book Reading 2016” Pew Research Center study - September 1, 2016

Author Earnings


The Frankfurt Book Fair October 1-23, 2016

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