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Mar 10, 2016

Senior Writer, Publishers Weekly
Interview starts at 19:24 and ends at 33:23
I absolutely think it’s madness to continue to push for regulatory input into the eBook market. Look what it did for you last time. Let’s just let the lawyers go away now. We’ve all articulated what we think the problem is in the market. Publishers came together to put the agency model in place, and they perfectly articulated the reason why they believe the agency model should be in place. I think that there’s got to be business solutions at this point. 
“Supreme Court Rejects Apple’s Appeal” by Andrew Albanese at Publishers Weekly - March 7, 2016
“Supreme Court Declines to Hear Apple’s Appeal in E-Book Pricing Case” by Adam Liptak and Vindu Goel at The New York Times - March 7, 2016
Hagens Berman press release on Supreme Court decision - March 8, 2016
“Apple’s $400M E-Book Payout: How Much You’ll Get and When” by Jeff John Roberts at Fortune - March 8, 2016
Department of Justice press release on Apple case - March 7, 2016
“The Cost of Returning Encryption to Amazon Fire” (video) at BloombergBusiness - March 7, 2016
“Jeff Bezos Lifts Veil on his Rocket Company, Blue Origin” by Kenneth Chang - March 8, 2016
“Why Jeff Bezos is finally ready to talk about taking people to space” by Christian Davenport at The Washington Post - March 8, 2016
“The Echo from Amazon Brims with Groundbreaking Promise” by Farhad Manjoo at The New York Times - March 9, 2016
“B&N is Shutting Down One of Its Top Three Digital Blunders on March 15” by Nate Hoffelder at The Digital Reader - March 3, 2016
“B&N CDO Fred Argir: We Must Win the Mobile Experience” by Daniel Berkowitz at Digital Book World - March 8, 2016
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Interview with Andrew Albanese
“Supreme Court Rejects Apple’s Appeal” by Andrew Albanese at Publishers Weekly - March 7, 2016
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