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Jul 21, 2018

Author of Departure, The Extinction Files

and The Origin Mystery

Interview starts at 13:07 and ends at 43:36

“I feel very lucky about the timing. The Kindle had just come out. I would go home from work and read my Kindle every night, and I thought, ‘There’s got to be a bunch of people like me that are doing this that I could write a story for.’ And that’s kinda what I got to.”


“Amazon reportedly had a 300-person conference call to deal with Prime Day glitches” by Rachel Sandler at Business Insider - July 20, 2018

Tech Tip

reMarkable website

reMarkable tablet at

Neo Smart Pen

“How to Buy a Kindle as a Gift for More Than One Person” by Saikat Basu at Make Use of - July 12, 2018

“Why You Should Read a Book with a Stranger” by Nick Douglas at Lifehacker - July 19, 2018


“Monitor Amazon Prices on Your Mac With This Menu Bar App” by Emily Price at Lifehacker4 - July 7, 2018

“How to install a new launcher on Amazon’s Fire tablet” by Chris Meadows at TeleRead - July 7, 2018

PriceAlert for Amazon app for Macintosh ($2.99)

Interview with A G Riddle

Books by A G Riddle

The Origin Mystery series: The Atlantis Gene, The Atlantis Plague, and The Atlantis World


The Extinction Files series: Pandemic and Genome

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King

Wool Omnibus Edition [Kindle in Motion] (Silo series Book 1) by Hugh Howey

David Gatewood, freelance editor


“Amazon Publishing’s Abigail Strom, author of Tell Me, Wins Romance Writers of America 2018 RITA Award” press release July 20, 2018

“Amazon Publishing Author Christine Bell Wins International Thriller Writers’ 2018 Thriller Award for Grievance press release July 14, 2018

Next Week’s Show

A 10th anniversary look back at the first episode of The Kindle Chronicles on July 26, 2018, and what we've been talking about since then, with excerpts from interviews with Jeff Bezos and others. 

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