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May 6, 2017

Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research

Interview starts at 11:17 and ends at 36:16

“I don’t think they [Amazon] really expect the fashion angle to be a big driver of these [Echo Look] devices. They needed a pretext. They needed a reason to put a camera in your home, to see how comfortable you are with that idea, to test whether or not there’s a big social outcry about putting cameras in people’s homes, whether they can start connecting what they see with what they know... Eventually that kind of visual intelligence will be a very crucial part of how Amazon builds a deeper relationship with you. But they had to start somewhere, and the closet, I think, was a pretty safe place to start.”


“Exclusive: This is Amazon’s new Echo with a built-in touchscreen” at AFTVnews - May 5, 2017.

“The first photo of Amazon’s Echo with a touchscreen may have just leaked” by Antonio Villas-Boas at Business Insider - May 5, 2017

“Amazon’s touchscreen Echo leaks again, in two colors” by Ashley Carman at The Verge - May 5, 2017

“Amazon Echo with a built-in screen may be on deck next month” by Ben Fox Rubin at CNET - April 27, 2017

“How eBooks lost their shine: ‘Kindles now look clunky and unhip’” by Paula Cocozza at The Guardian - April 27, 2017

Book Riot Podcast episode 207 with Jeff O’Neal and Rebecca Joines Schinsky

“Get Ready for Amazon Phone Take 2” by Daniel B. Kline at The Motley Fool - May 4, 2017

“Amazon patent shows how Alexa-powered devices could turn into extension phones” by Alan Boyle at GeekWire - May 2, 2017

Small Business Phone Systems - Voice and Data Cabling patent at Free Patents Online

Tech Tip

“Kindle iOS app gets all-text bold: Can help iPad and iPhone owners, even those with good eyes” by David Rothman at TeleRead - May 2, 2017

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Interview with James McQuivey

Echo Look

Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation by James McQuivey

The Principles of Neural Science, Fifth Edition by Eric Kandel, James Schwartz, Thomas Jessell et al

Nuance Communications


“This is what fraud looks like in the age of Artificial Intelligence” by Ben Dickson at The Next Web - May 3, 2017

Next Week’s Guest

Peter Costanzo, digital & archival publishing manager at The Associated Press

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