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Aug 27, 2016

Publisher of Open Letter Books 

Interview starts at 15:15 and ends at 43:30

Amazon[Crossing] is filling in some of these gaps, because we haven’t for a long time seen the normal mystery book that someone picks up in Spain and reads when they go on their vacation. That’s never been translated into English, because it didn’t seem like it would make a ton of money for one of the big presses, and the small presses are looking for something that’s more patently literary. Amazon’s taken up a lot of those kind of books, which is really fascinating and fills in a wide range of what the aesthetic is in these different countries. 



“Amazon plans to open a Chicago bookstore in Lakeview” by Lauren Zumbach at The Chicago Tribune - August 25, 2016

Kindle Reading Fund

Amazon Worldreader video at YouTube - August 24, 2016

“Denver Public Library is Lending Wifi Hotspots” by Nate Hoffelder at The Digital Reader - August 20, 2016

“Amazon Starts Car Research and Review Site” at Associated Press - August 25, 2016

Amazon press release on Amazon Vehicles - August 25, 2016

Amazon jobs listing for Sr. Product Mgr, US Books


Interview with Chad Post

Open Letter Books, the University of Rochester’s nonprofit, literary translation press

Amazon author page for Julio Cortazar

Hopscotch: A Novel by Julio Cortazar

Dalkey Archive Press

Amazon author page for Raymond Queneau

Quail Ridge Books

Rage by Zygmunt Miloszewski

The Complete Review and The Literary Saloon run by Michael Orthofer

The Complete Review Guide to Contemporary World Fiction by M. A. Orthofer

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2016 Best Translated Book Awards sponsored by the Amazon Literary Partnership

AmazonCrossing books

Nowhere to Be Found by Bae Suah, translated by Sora Kim-Russell

Hugo House, a place for writers

Words Without Borders

The Lannan Foundation

New Books by Open Letter:

   Gesell Dome by Guillermo Saccomanno

   A Greater Music by Bae Suah (to be released October 11, 2016)

   Chronicle of the Murdered House by Lucio Cardoso (to be released December 13, 2016)


“How to Read 50 Books a Year, in 7 Easy Steps” by Stephen Altrogge at Zapier - August 23, 2016


Next Week’s Guest

Chris Schluep, senior editor at Amazon Books

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