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Jan 30, 2016

Editor of Amazon’s Little A imprint and Day One magazine
Interview starts at 18:03 and ends at 42:20
A lot of editors across Amazon Publishing kind of have their hands in Day One. Everyone’s really excited about it and dedicated to discovering these new voices and finding opportunities for new writers. (Photo by Rachel Eliza Griffiths)
News announces fourth quarter earnings (Press Release) - January 28, 2016
“Amazon Stock Plummets on Disappointing Q4 Results” by Jason Del Rey at re/code - January 28, 2016
“Amazon’s stock dives, but it’s because of a ‘good problem’” by Tracey Lien at The Los Angeles Times - January 29, 2016
“Amazon Prime is growing like crazy” by Jillian D’Onfro at Business Insider - January 25, 2016
“Amazon Prime Grew 35% in 2015” - report (PDF) by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners - January 25, 2016
“How Many Prime Members Does Amazon Have (And Why It Matters)” by Daniel B. Kline at The Motley Fool - January 26, 2016
TV commercials for #BaldwinBowl - Cheerleaders and Cheese Footballs
“Get ready for Amazon’s third billion-dollar business: Echo” by Eugene Kim at Business Insider - January 27, 2016
“Amazon reportedly seeks a bigger hand in Android phone software” by Ron Amadeo at Ars Technica - January 25, 2016.
Tech Tip
Duolingo app for Fire tablet and iPhone (free)
Interview with Morgan Parker
Other People’s Comfort Keeps Me Up at Night - poems by Morgan Parker (paperback only)
The Offing
Grave of Hummingbirds by Jennifer Skutelsky published by Little A
Day One at - subscription costs $1.59 a month or 37 cents an issue, with a free 30-day trial when you subscribe
“How to Publish Your Book” by Jane Friedman - The Great Courses 24-lecture series available at for $24.46 or 1 credit
Next Week’s Guest
Bufo Calvin, creator of the “I Love My Kindle” blog
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