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Jan 22, 2016

Helping authors and publishers flourish in the digital age
Interview starts at 12:44 and ends at 32:05
This question has become a little bit of a litmus test in the writing and publishing community. It’s almost interesting to talk about how other people react very viscerally to Amazon as a good or bad influence or factor. I do consider myself mostly neutral. Nothing about it, I feel, is wholly good or bad. Mainly, it’s just brought about this enormous change. And for some the changes have been good, and for others they’ve been bad. For me personally, the change has been great.
“The drone invasion now underway” (video) at CBS News - October 18, 2015
“Exclusive: Amazon Reveals Details About Its Crazy Drone Delivery Program” by David Pogue at - January 18, 2016
“Kindle e-Books will have a warning message if they have spelling or bad formatting” by Michael Kozlowski at Good E-Reader - January 20, 2016 via The Passive Voice.
“Is Amazon’s First Brick-and-Mortar Bookstore the Future of Retail?” by Pini Yakuel at Entrepreneur - January 18, 2016
“Seattle bookstores face new threat from Amazon: a brick-and-mortar location” by Julia Carrie Wong at The Guardian - January 21, 2016
“Amazon Expands its Smart Reordering Service” by Stacey Higginbotham at Fortune - January 19, 2016
“Your Printer Can Now Order Ink for You, Thanks to Amazon” by Angela Moscaritolo at PC Magazine - January 19, 2016
“How to Format Your Book for Kindle Course Coming Soon!" by Bruce Jones at Bruce the Book Guy - January 18, 2016
Tech Tips
“Amazon Echo now lets Alexa read Kindle books to you” by Adario Strange at Mashable - January 17, 2016
Amazon info on Alexa’s reading of Kindle books
“Amazon Tablets Receive Firmware Version - Download and Apply Now” by Julian Pascal at Softpedia - January 20, 2016
Interview with Jane Friedman
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Journey of Strangers by Elizabeth Zelvin
“How an Industry of ‘Amazon entrepreneurs’ pulled off the Internet’s craftiest catfishing scheme” by Caitlin Dewey at The Washington Post - October 21, 2015
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“How to Publish Your Book” course of 24 lectures by Jane Friedman at The Great Courses
Next Week’s Guest
Morgan Parker, editor of Amazon's Day One weekly literary magazine
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