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May 16, 2015

Interview starts at 21:13 and ends at 39:30
Becoming aware of shadow work enables us to prune away some of the clutter in our lives. Take, for example, surveys—the inundation of our time with surveys, requests for surveys. It seems you can’t buy anything or go anywhere or receive any service without having a followup survey usually emailed to you to ask you, “How did we do?” And I would just encourage the citizens to throw those away if they don’t feel like writing them. We are not obligated to fill out these surveys, but these organizations are preying on our time and asking us to do it. And that’s the kind of clutter that you can prune away. 
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Christopher March and Echo announce big news
“Amazon Publishing Marches On” by Jim Milliot with Rachel Deahl at Publishers Weekly - May 8, 2015
“Amazon’s Hit Man” by Brad Stone at Bloomberg Business - January 25, 2012
Little a, Amazon Publishing’s literary fiction imprint
Two Lions, Amazon Publishing’s young readers imprint
“Kobo Launches Free eBook Platform for Southwest Airlines Travelers” at Digital Book World - May 13, 2015
Tech Tips
“Amazon Kindle Fire 1st Generation Benefits from a New Firmware - Download Version 6.3.4” at Softpedia - May 15, 2015
Kindle Fire 1st Generation Software Updates at
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Interview with Craig Lambert
Shadow Work: The Unpaid, Unseen Jobs That Fill Your Day by Craig Lambert
Earlier book (1981) on shadow work by Ivan Illich
Mind Over Water: Lessons on Life from the Art of Rowing by Craig Lambert (1999)
“Our Unpaid, Extra Shadow Work” - op ed piece at The New York Times - October 29, 2011
“Self-Service: A Sign ‘The Robots Have Won?’” radio interview with Craig Lambert for “Here & Now” on WBUR - November 28, 2011
“‘Rise of the Robots’ and ‘Shadow Work’” by Barbara Ehrenreich at The New York Times Sunday Book Review - May 11, 2015
Amazon Editors’ Young Adult Book Club
Amazon Editors’ YA Book Club group at Goodreads
Next Week’s Guests
Hunter Maats and Katie O’Brien, coauthors of an indie publishing success story titled The Straight-A Conspiracy: Your Secret Guide to Ending the Stress of School and Totally Ruling the World. 

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