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Jan 2, 2009

News - My own exclusive scuttlebutt which leads me to believe Amazon will start shipping the new version this month, ahead of the official announcement in February.

Tech Tip - Ever wonder how much further you have to read before reaching the end of a chapter?  This tip will help you find out.

Interview - Mike Elgan, widely read tech blogger and columnist, who puts the Kindle's phenomenal success in perspective and looks ahead to huge profits for Amazon from the Kindle.  (Part 1 of the interview is in this podcast, and part 2 follows in a Kindle Chronicles EXTRA.)

Quote - from the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius. Downloaded from MobileRead

Comments - Rebecca, Nicholas Schutz,and Linda Hopkins (Amazon's Best of 2008 List)

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Next week's interview: Leslie Nicoll, author of The Amazon Kindle FAQ.

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over twelve years ago

I can\'t imagine anyone receiving the poorly designed and feature crippled device shown in the 2.0 RumorBook photos and not being extremely angry. Perhaps if they dropped the price to under $100 people will buy it, but otherwise it\'s a major step backwards for the Kindle (but would be an improvement for the Sony Reader - adding a keyboard and wireless to their non-expandable unit with non-replaceable battery). The huge form factor alone is enough to render the RumorBook too unwieldy to carry around - it won\'t fit into a most purses (no carrying it around for women to read while shopping) and it won\'t fit into a uniform pocket (unusable for many in the military) or the oversize pockets of many men\'s travel shirts. It might fit into a briefcase a bit better, but that market no doubt will wait for a much larger screen, so they can read the paper a bit easier (preferably as pdf\'s at that level, as well), something that may be several years in the future. The larger size will also make it harder to fit onto a table for reading at the coffee shop (although not impossible).

Why would people believe that Amazon will remove features and move to a cheap slipcover (no padding for the fragile screen), while going backward in both keyboard design and form factor, then ship the \"lite\" kindle to those who purchased a more capable unit? Especially when it is against their policy to do such a thing?

The RumorBook may eventually be released (and maybe even by Amazon), but if so, my prediction is for a lesser cost and perhaps with more content controls, making it suitable for children, or as a subscription device (no SD cards, so only the subscription books that fit at one time). More likely, if it exists at all, it\'s the new $700 Sony Reader. In fact, their extra layer of glass for the touch screen of the current model would make it more likely to be a Sony unit, as they would only need a slipcover (not to mention their design is so similar).