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Feb 17, 2017

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Interview starts at 10:30 and ends at 42:19

"That’s why I call this whole printed book thing fetishism. What’s more important? Is literature and writing important or is this object more important? I think literature is more important, and writing is important. I don’t really care how people read it. I just really want to push back on this idea that there’s something sad that we’ve lost because print books are fading, when what I care about is not print or first editions. I care about people reading and the act of writing and that creative work."


“Amazon Alexa Voice Service Coming to DTS Play-Fi” - September 28, 2017

“Why Amazon is the World’s Most Innovative Company of 2017” by Noah Robischon at Fast Company - February 13, 2017

“ Takes Aim at Victoria’s Secret With Its Own $10 Bras” by Khadeeja Safdar and Laura Stevens at The Wall Street Journal - February 10, 2017

“AWS Announces Amazon Chime” - press release February 14, 2017

Amazon Chime

Tech Tip

“Owners of first and second generation Kindles can’t register them” by Andrew Liptak at The Verge - February 11, 2017

“Amazon Tap’s new hands-free Alexa update means it’s actually useful” by Lauren Goode at The Verge - February 9, 2017

Interview with Brady Dale

“Despite What You Heard, The E-Book Market Never Stopped Growing” by Brady Dale at - January 18, 2017

“Titans of Kindle” series by Brady Dale


“How to reach me secretly and securely” by Brady Dale at Medium - February 12, 2017

Google Authenticator


“On Twitter, Users Shouldn’t Need a Name” by Brady Dale at - February 14, 2017

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