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Nov 8, 2008

News: Case of the disappearing Kindle Store sample, from Joe Wikert's Kindleville blog.

Tech Tip: From David Emberson's Kindle Cookbook, a clever keyboard shortcut that zooms you through books 1/20th at a time.

Interview: My wife's opinion of her Kindle improves during her first month of use, despite her biggest fear coming true.  NOTE: If you know some great sources for contemporary mystery writers for the Kindle, please let me know, so I can pass them along to Darlene.

Quote: from a book about Afghanistan being read this week by the President-Elect, Ghost Wars by Steve Coll.

Comments: Do you read YOUR Kindle during takeoff and landing?  And, good news on book sales from David Emberson.

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Julie Booth
twelve and a half years ago

I was flying back from SFO last night, happily settled into seat 1C (bonus) when a spirited discussion arose. Seems like the guys in 1D and 1F had just published a book and were mulling over whether or not they should \"kindle it\". My kindle was passed around and oohed and aahed over. And the decision was made. YES! they are going to \"kindle\" their new book.

To this point, however, the flight attendant - who very much admired the Kindle, did remind me that \"of course I was going to turn the off button off\" during take-off and landing.

Gail Scott
twelve and a half years ago

I was a little afraid that Darlene would not be so thrilled with the Kindle after hearing her the first time - imagine my surprise to hear \\\"joy\\\" in her second podcast...I\\\'m so glad she\\\'s enjoying it. I look forward to your Podcast each week - it sets a great tone, is always interesting and just the right amount...thanks

twelve and a half years ago

Has your wife read anything by Elizabeth George? She\\\'s my favorite living author, period, and her Lynley novels are outstanding mysteries. Most of them are available in the Kindle store for under $7.

For a real bargain and a history lesson in mysteries have her grab \\\"The Moonstone\\\" by Wilkie Collins from feedbooks or manybooks. In case you\\\'re unfamiliar with Collins, he was a friend (and frequent collaborator) of Dickens, and is considered by many to be the father of the English detective novel.

Will D
twelve and a half years ago

I read my Kindle on the airplane all the time and I have never had a flight attendant question it during take-off or landing. I don\\\'t use the cover at all, so it is very clear that I am reading a device when they come by to check. I do admit to turning it over on my lap from time to time but, as I say, no one has ever questioned it or even looked askance. By the way, you two sound like you are pretty tough on your Kindles...;-)

Julie (jb) Booth
twelve and a half years ago Enjoyed :)